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Why use us? We are London’s only dedicated digital-film data storage service for advertising agencies

• We secure the huge digital-film data that traditional storage solutions cannot protect or guarantee.

• Fulfil your contractual obligations to secure your clients data to the highest possible standard, with up to 40% lower costs.

• 24hr access to your rushes, with a 2hr retrieval & delivery service.

• Central London drop off and retrieval centre.

• Straight from set onto our secure, co-located and private network servers.

• Online access to your entire archive database & records.

•Long term offline archiving of all your full resolution completed masters.

• Double backed up, collocated and insured against loss.


We are a full service company securing and archiving digital- film data with complete confidentially and efficient retrieval.
How does it work? Simple…

Film Locker receives the master drives immediately and straight from set at the end of each days filming, uploading this data to their private co-located servers.

During production all rushes are kept on Film Lockers servers, easily retrieved, and returned within two hours if any issues or problems befall the project.

Project completed and delivered, all rushes material is moved into long term archive, dual copies, held separately, in different parts of London. Ready if the full project, or just a few frames, is ever needed.

We recycle your hard drives for your reuse, saving resources and money.

For the last three years Film Locker has been educating the next generation of producers on the right way to work with digital-film data, at the APA Master Class.


How vulnerable is your agency?

Many agencies do not understand the time bomb of data loss they currently perch on; cupboards and archive boxes full of hard drives slowly dying.

Worse still, the common misconception is that this data, held on a single hard drive, is insured against data loss; it isn’t.

Film Locker not only offers data lose insurance for everything held on its servers, but more crucially a clearly defined and simple protocol for your agency and third party suppliers to follow.

We work to a recognised ‘I.T Best Practice’; all your rushes secured, insured and traceable for years to come.

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